Don't Flatter, Compliment

Don’t Flatter, Compliment

by: Rob Reed

When you can, pay a sincere compliment to the people you work with: your prospects, your customers, your colleagues. Even your competition.

Think about it. You like compliments. In fact, in some ways you may feel underappreciated. You’re probably glad when someone notices something good, so it stands to reason that others feel the same way.

In fact, participants in one study who received a compliment from someone else had a more favorable impression of that individual – even if they questioned the sincerity or accuracy of the compliment.

In selling, though, your compliments must be sincere. They can’t be the general “You look nice” variety. Make them specific, so it’s clear you’re not just blowing smoke.

For example, you might say something like, “It seems to me you’re making positive changes here, because I notice…” Being specific makes your compliment more valuable, and it demonstrates that you’re paying attention, which is always good.

If you make a conscious effort to look for opportunities to compliment, you’ll most likely find sincere ones available. Expressing appreciation can be very effective, provided it’s sincere. Thank your clients and prospects, with specifics, when they help you out.

Honest words can help you build relationships that go beyond the basic vendor/buyer interaction. When your words are supported by your actions, they can be building blocks of trust.