Trust Building Sales Tips

Over thirty sales tips and articles focused on how you can develop greater levels of trust with potential customers during the sales process. According to both research studies and surveys, the level of prospect trust in the person selling your products or services, is the number one decision factor in many purchases.

These sales tips represent a portion of knowledge developed from a number years of extensive research into trust development and the sales process, as well as Rob Reed’s own experiences from over a decade in performance improvement management consulting and complex medical sales.

Building Trust: Sales Articles

Are You a Sales Professional?
Many sellers like to describe themselves as professionals, but what is it that makes a seller a professional?

Thirteen Tips to Selling More Successfully as a Trusted Professional.
Do you want to sell more successfully using an honorable and straightforward approach? Read these thirteen sales tips to help you be perceived as a trusted professional by buyers.

Is Your Sales Trust Factor Higher Than Your Competitors’?
How high is your sales trust factor? Is it higher than the sales trust factor of your competitors? It should be, if you want to increase your success in sales.

Do Closing Attempts Used During the Sales Process Impact Trust?
Sellers often use closing techniques to persuade a prospect to act. To determine whether five closing techniques affected trust between a prospect and a seller, a study surveyed 238 industrial purchasing executives.

Building Trust: Sales Tips

Sales Training: Are the Results (or Lack of Results) Worth Your Money?
Is it possible that a significant percentage of the $8 billion spent on sales training in the U.S. every year is wasted?

Trust-Building Elements for Selling Professionals
Because trust plays an important role in the buy/sell environment, it can be helpful to know what comes before trust in the relationship between buyer and seller.

Another Great Reason to Ask Good Questions
Sales experts have concluded that successful selling is not about talking features and benefits. Instead, successful sales people ask good sales questions to better understand the prospect’s needs.

Sales Call? Think Introvert and Business First
The expectation that most people have of salespeople is that they are extroverts.If true, how should extroverts sell?

You Can’t Fool the Amygdala
When someone asks you a question, a part of your brain called the amygdala immediately processes it to see whether you should take action.

Building a Trusted Relationship with Buyers
Trust is largely a result of perception. No matter how much trust a seller “should” earn, the actual amount of trust is based on the buyer’s perception of the seller.

They Trust You…Don’t They?
Sellers seriously overestimate how much buyers trust them.

Don’t Flatter, Compliment
When you can, pay a sincere compliment to the people you work with: your prospects, your customers, your colleagues. Even your competition.

Do Others Trust You?
An interesting study on trust perception.

To Sell Successfully, It’s Better to Think Alike Than Look Alike
How to values and attitudes impact trust development?

How Do Executives Decide Whether or Not to Trust You?
In interviews, researchers asked executives ranging from vice president to chairman of the board how they evaluate the trustworthiness and credibility of salespeople.

How Persuasion Can Work in Unseen Ways
The seemingly little things can make a big difference when it comes to persuasion.

Trust is the Name of the Game
Purchasing agents were asked two questions. What contributes to your decision to purchase from a particular salesperson? What do you generally like or dislike about salespeople?

How Important is a Brand?
Across all categories, research shows people are willing to pay nine to twelve percent higher prices, on average, for a brand they know and trust.

How to Get on Good Terms with Prospects
Many prospects feel wary, or even unfriendly, before meeting with salespeople.A series of studies at the Harvard Research Center gives an idea of what you can do about this.

How Can You Be More Effective with Decision Makers?
The best thing you can do to make your meeting effective is demonstrate accountability and responsibility.

How to Deliver Value in Your First Five Minutes of Fame
The executives said they want to talk to a professional, confident business person who thinks on the fly and doesn’t use canned presentations.

What Do Buyers Really Want From You?
Do your buyers tell you what they really want?

How to Gain Access to Senior Executives?
Senior executives are notoriously difficult to see, particularly on matters related to sales.

How Are Senior Executives Involved in Purchase Decisions?
Do you want to build relationships with prospect executives?

Why Focus on Face-to-Face Meetings With Potential Customers?
While managers frequently tell sellers to get in front of their customers, many sellers fail to listen. A couple of studies show why this is a mistake.

Are You Sure Your Potential Customers Trust You?
Studies have found that our perception of how much another person trusts us is much higher than the trust level is in reality.

Sell in Reality to Sell Efficiently and Successfully
Although we’d like to think every individual or company on our account list or within our geographic territory is a potential customer, the reality is that this is simply not the case.

One Sales Question Not To Ask a Potential Customer!
To truly be the best you can be in sales, it’s important to understand how your actions are perceived by buyers.