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Sales Book by: Blair Singer

Summary by: Rob Reed


Introduction – SalesDogs

If you were a dog, what kind would you be? Although this sounds like a question you would most likely hear in a psychologist’s office, it’s also a question that Blair Singer asks in his book SalesDogs. Mr. Singer uses five breeds of dogs to help identify and describe the characteristics of five distinct “breeds” of salespeople. While the analogy is a bit unconventional, the book effectively addresses the notion that there isn’t an “ideal” personality to be a successful salesperson.

According to the author, “The greatest single mistake that salespeople or sales managers make is believing there is one particular set of characteristics or traits that all salespeople need to have to be successful.” The ones that become most successful, however, are the ones that are able to understand the strengths of their “breed” and, where possible, adopt some of the strengths of the other breeds as well.


Summary – SalesDogs

“Salespeople need to identify and understand first their own breed, and then the breeds of those around them. Armed with this knowledge, they can learn to leverage their own strengths and personalities as well as those of the team.” In SalesDogs, there are five breeds from which to choose – the Pit Bull, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Chihuahua and Basset Hound.

Pit Bull Characteristics:

  1. Most fearless and aggressive breed; fits stereotypical model of used car salesman
  2. Will call as many prospects as possible using cell phone when traveling from point A to point B
  3. Makes more calls and receives more rejection than any other
  4. Focuses on closing and objection handling
  5. May lack in strategy and tactfulness
  6. Always in a mode of action, even if it’s the wrong action
  7. Great fit for developing new territories where prospects are plentiful
  8. Not best choice for niche markets with limited prospects


Golden Retriever Characteristics:

  1. Wins clients by being responsive; will bend over backward to please a prospect
  2. Views themselves as providing service to the prospect rather than sales
  3. Focuses on providing extraordinary customer service; perhaps at the detriment to new sales prospecting
  4. Pays attention to long-term success and pleasing customers to generate referrals and powerful testimonials
  5. Understands greatest opportunity for sales is most often with current customers
  6. Always looking for opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell
  7. Takes objections personally and may view them as valid criticism of product or service, which could impact effectiveness


Poodle Characteristics:

  1. Highly intelligent and enjoys living a life of luxury
  2. Focuses on appearance and perceptions
  3. Well-connected and builds extensive networks

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