Never Cold Call Again

never-cold-call-again-review-coverNever Cold Call Again

Sales Book by: Frank Rambauskas

Summary by: Rob Reed


Introduction – Never Cold Call Again

I just completed Never Cold Call Again, by Frank Rumbauskas. Overall, I believe Mr. Rumbauskas has written a very nice book on how to generate leads without cold calling prospects. Since cold calling continues to be so pervasive in today’s selling environment, though, it will be interesting to see how the book sells.

Frank Rumbauskas certainly did a fantastic job of marketing the release of his paperback book as it reached #1 bestseller spot on Amazon according to his enewsletter.

I’ll have the full sales book review summary completed in the very near future and I will post it here. For anyone who believes in selling in a straightforward, trust-building manner, most of Frank’s advice is very good. I fully support the overall methodology Frank has created with “No Cold Calling.” There are a few tips he provides that I have a different perspective on, but the most important factor is that the great majority of his advice will not diminish your trust building efforts during the sales process.

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